Function & Handling

How to generate a code?

The engine uses a random mode to generate the TAN codes that are issued automatically and use a highly 256-bit encryption.  With every new request a new TAN will be generated with the deposit algorithm.

How many digits must have a code?

You can define individual - for security reasons, the code must consist of at least 4 digits.

How can I manage the code?

Use the web interface to manage your codes via the TANmode Server. Here, the database for your locking system is stored, maintained, and serviced. The size of the locking system and the number of managed locks is irrelevant. You may also store individual users here.

How can I request a code?

The code may be requested by the administrator or the user of the lock, or it may be generated automatically with a push of a button. For example, if security reasons require you to change codes on a regular basis or at irregular intervals (e.g., in a bank), or if different persons use the same locker (e.g., in a fitness studio or at a train station), the issuance of automatically generated codes saves a lot of time. TANmode can be programmed for all situations and for any requirement.

How will the code be transmitted?

The generated code can be transmitted to the user in various ways. You may use SMS and email to send the codes to the user of the cabinet or use only SMS, or send the code via email. You may also use the 'Booking' screen, a customized software solution, and then print out the codes.

Lost your code - what to do?

Someone lost the code? No problem! As an administrator, you have the option to query the currently valid code at any time and provide the user with the code. Or, for security reasons, you prefer to generate a new code, and provide the user with the new code.
That's how easy it is.