Transportable intelligence with security

It’s a familiar situation: Expensive spare parts, tools or other materials have to be carried quickly and safely to some production or construction site. Besides, the deployment of specialists must also be coordinated.
These situations call for cost-effective tracking solutions and require protection against unauthorised access. Ideally, the valuable shipment will reach its destination safely and reliably at the desired time.

However, reality sometimes offers quite a different picture. The valuable shipment is either lost, or found to be incomplete by the time it arrives at its destination; or it is delayed. Poor and inefficient information flow leads to undesirable costs and conflict potential.
This is where the smartbox comes in. Fraunhofer IML and Beloxx have jointly developed a solution to ensure the flow of information to the user and protect the shipment from third-party access. The smartbox does not only offer innovative transport solutions at company level: it can be used in cooperation with other companies as well.

By combining elements from four areas - security, transportation, cloud computing and information - we have achieved a secure transportable intelligence solution for the transportation processes in your company.