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I’m a man of very simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.

Anyone looking for a locking system will have a specific project in mind, and yet every project places very specific demands on a locking system. No two projects are the same. Rebuild or renovation, company or public authority, public institution or privately-owned leisure facility, central or decentralised rooms – with a BeCode locking system you get the optimum solution for every project.

BeCode locking systems are intelligent, user-friendly and cost effective. Below is an overview of our suggestions for potential solutions. Please contact us about your specific project. BeCode believes that intelligent, standard solutions are just as important as individual solutions tailored perfectly to your profile.

Our team of international experts can also help realise very specific requests and solutions in the optimum way. We are happy to support you end to end, from developing a product to registering a patent, through outstanding skills, cross-sector expertise and solid experience.