These in-house parcel stations can be used with different package and parcel service providers. Parcels for different recipients can be stored efficiently in package lockers. Recipients then receive an automatic SMS/email with a TAN for opening the locker, which means they can retrieve the package whenever they have time.

  • The delivery person can choose whichever cabinet they want, which means they simply need to place the parcel in any of the available compartments.
  • As the lockers are operated wirelessly, the laborious administration via a central terminal can be dispensed with.
  • This means a smaller number of units can be operated, and also extended simply and quickly.
  • The recipient automatically receives a notification via SMS/email with the locker number and access code.
  • Thanks to the direct assignment of a compartment, the recipient no longer has to go through a laborious log-in procedure at a terminal beforehand.
  • The lockers are operated offline, which means they are protected against manipulation via the Internet.
  • The simple integration of parcel return services is possible.

TANmode Select: logistics can be so easy nowadays

Both companies and parcel delivery services can benefit from this innovation made by BeCode. Package receipt processes can be processed much more quickly and simply:

  • The supplier does not have to waste time searching for the respective recipients, but instead can simply deliver the items to a central location without the recipient being there.
  • Unsuccessful delivery attempts are therefore a thing of the past.
  • Deliveries are made without the need for a signature. Recipients do not need to confirm receipt with a signature.
  • The recipient can decide when to collect the delivery from the central area and is not bothered or interrupted by the delivery person.
  • The software seamlessly maps the internal delivery processes. The delivery person can check at any time whether the package was collected or whether it is still in the parcel station.

This is possible thanks to the optimum interaction between the TANmode cloud and the Select app:

  1. The driver of the delivery company or the scan operator simply looks for a free locker (which can be identified via a flashing green LED).
  2. They scan the barcode on the package, choose the recipient and then open a free locker via Bluetooth and deposit the item.
  3. The LED then stops flashing, thereby signalizing that the locker is in use.
  4. The recipient automatically receives a notification via SMS/e-mail with their access code and cabinet or locker number.
  5. If the recipient wants to open the cabinet, they simply enter the code they received to open the lock.
  6. After removing the items, they simply close the cabinet/locker again. The LED flashes green again, thereby signaling that it is once again available for use.

The system does not require any additional or continuous Internet connection. In this way, we combine security with convenience.

TANmode SELECT makes companies more intelligent and customers more satisfied – a practical example:

BeCode has developed special components for TANmode SELECT, in order to enable us to better meet the specific needs of our customers. With TANmode, we have the possibility to adjust the software in line with the individual processes and specific operational requirements of the customer.

A practical example:

A large laundry company offers its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BeCode aligned TANmode SELECT precisely with the individual requirements of the laundry company. The company is now able to realize the delivery of laundry parcels to its own collection stations around the clock very economically.

For this purpose, the employees of the laundry company provide parcels with a QR code when packing the laundry. This code contains all recipient data, which is scanned by the TANmode SELECT scanner. At the collection station, the delivery person chooses an appropriate compartment based on the size of the parcel.

They open the compartment using the TANmode SELECT scanner, scan the QR code, place the parcel in the compartment and then close it. The TANmode SELECT scanner transmits data from the compartment to the recipient in the BeCode TAN cloud. The delivery is then finished.

The laundry customer now receives an SMS/e-mail – triggered by the BeCode TAN cloud – with a link to a payment request page generated by the laundry company. After payment, the customer receives another SMS/e-mail – once again triggered by the TAN cloud – with the compartment number and TAN. As soon as the customer has removed the laundry, the compartment is ready for use again.

They take care of their business. TANmode ensures everything runs smoothly!

TANmode SELECT livebox: configure parcel stations to the individual requirements of your company!

There’s scarcely anything more flexible than this: select the cabinet module that matches your company’s requirements and put your own individual parcel station together. We have various materials, colors and formats to choose from.

  • Variable compartment sizes
  • Compartment sizes can be changed afterwards
  • Fronts made of steel or HPL

Wonderfully smart: no waiting times, feedback regarding compartment usage and returns management

The SELECT livebox from BeCode not only looks good, it’s also extremely smart:

When you combine TANmode SELECT with the TANmode SELECT livebox, the TAN cloud provides direct feedback as soon as the recipient has collected the parcel. In this way, the TANmode SELECT livebox provides important feedback at all times: you can clearly see which compartments are occupied and which are free. What’s more, the battery status of each compartment can be monitored and displayed continually if required.

Your additional advantages:

  • Simple integration of package returns through the direct assignment of compartments
  • No annoying waiting times at the terminal
  • Integrated payment processes
  • Compartments can be chosen flexibly based on parcel size

For a TANmode SELECT livebox all you need is a power supply, which can also be regulated by Power over Ethernet (PoE), and a network connection, that’s it. The communication between the TANmode SELECT livebox and the individual compartments or lockers takes place via an infrared connection.

Choose the right cabinet module for your company and create your own individual and intelligent parcel station.