Multifunctional locker systems for the intelligent movement of goods

TANmode is the intelligent software from BeCode that enables the individual management of locking systems: it automatically creates random codes (TANs), transmits these to the respective users and enables administration online or via mobile device.

With TANmode, you can manage complex cabinet and locker systems conveniently and easily. The programming can be adapted to your individual requirements, and different product packages offer a wide range of functions.
Our goal: to provide the optimum solution for your requirements

TANmode loves challenges, because this is what the software was created for:
• Does your company has a large site and decentralized units?
• Are the cabinet and locker systems are distributed across multiple buildings?
• Do different users have different access rights?
• Do you want to define user groups and assign codes individually?
• A lost code should not have the same impact or consequences as the loss of a key?