BeCode miniPAD is the logical enhancement of the popular PAD keypad lock. Its reduced size enables the miniPAD to fit into the smallest lockers and, thanks to its newly developed falling latch deadlock, it is the perfect alternative for anything that needs to be locked up and theft-proof. In place of actively locking the lock, as is the case with the BeCode PAD, only the door needs to be closed with the miniPAD.

Safe, safer, miniPAD

Suitable for many applications

The best thing about the miniPAD is its easy operation, combined with even tighter security thanks to the new locking mechanism. This allows the door to be shut again easily after it has been opened; in doing so, the spring-loaded bolt snaps into place. A pin in the bolt ensures that the bolt cannot be tampered with from the outside.

The robust outer casing (finished in zinc-base die-cast alloy) also makes the miniPAD extremely flame resistant and perfectly adapted against vandalism and other damage.

The miniPAD is therefore highly recommended for changing users, e.g. in airports, universities or sports clubs. A brightly shining LED here supports the visual signal identification showing whether the locker is available or in use.

However, the miniPAD is also a sensible extension to office equipment for regular users.

In conjunction with TANmode software, the miniPAD can be converted to a network-compatible product without the need to integrate it into existing IT. This provides uncomplicated and effective code and user management. Even complex organizational processes, such as a package management system, can be displayed with this. Further details can be found under TANmode.

The miniPAD is almost maintenance-free and can function for up to 10 years of operation due to highly efficient energy management.

Clear design

The simple design of the miniPAD with its silver-colored surface perfectly complements various surfaces whether wood, plastic or metal. Thanks to various assembly frames, it can be installed in door strengths ranging from 0.5 to 19.5 mm.

Just like the PAD, the miniPAD has broad protection against vandalism and has an exceptionally long service life. 

Logical down to the smallest detail.

Software and other features

The delivery of the BeCode miniPAD always includes the BeCode standard software which can be adapted to any level of need. 3 modes of operation are available. The operating modes can be used to generate and manage codes for constant or changing users.

For managing more complex locking systems and for even more security we recommend the TANmode.