BeCode EVO/EVO+ are perfect locking systems for furniture, whether it is made of wood or metal. EVO/EVO+ locking systems work entirely without keys and do not need a transponder. Based on its so-called ‘free-spinning' setting, the BeCode can be turned left or right at random without activating the locking procedure. Only the visual effect of a well-designed furniture knob remains.

Opening a cabinet is simple. The lock is designed to be user-friendly by applying a previously selected individual code (at least 4 digits are required, e.g. '3537'). Using BeCode EVO/EVO+ makes it very simple to protect your furniture from unauthorized access. This classic, unpretentious design fulfills even all visual demands.

And here is how EVO/EVO+ works: Turn the number ring to '3'. Press once briefly to confirm. Do the same for number '5' and all succeeding numbers. Upon confirmation the last digit, the BeCode is activated. As a result the free-spinning setting is interrupted for four seconds. Now, the turnable BeCode is connected directly to the lock and can be used as a normal twist lock. After using the BeCode to lock the cabinet, the system switches back to the frees-spinning setting automatically (watch the EVO / EVO+ Video).

Ideal for all locking systems

The innovative EVO/EVO+ system is suitable for everything that you would like to keep under lock and key inside your furniture (cabinets, lockboxes, etc.). Only persons whom you have provided with the code have access. The EVO/EVO+ design meets all the requirements. You need to retrofit existing furniture? Nothing could be easier.

The EVO/EVO+ can be integrated easily into standard lock cut-outs. Thus, retrofitting is that easy. Remove the core. Insert the BeCode EVO. Done! The "+" in EVO+ means: The EVO comes with an integrated cylinder lock. Retrofitting this system into an existing cabinet is as simple as child's play: Remove the old cylinder lock. Insert the EVO+. Done! There is no other electronic lock that can be retrofitted that easily.

An attractive design

One picture speaks more than a 1,000 words. EVO/EVO+ is a timeless beauty. The simple design and subtle colors adapt themselves superbly to all materials that are used for the design of cabinets and lockboxes. The design conforms to the innovative character and the optimized BeCode function.

The default color of the EVO/EVO+ front ring is silver. Upon customer's request, other colors are of course available. In addition, individual branding or company logos can be added to the front window of the battery cover. Simply ask for the appropriate printable sticker.

Software and other features

All EVO and EVO+ are supplied with pre-installed BeCode standard software package, offering two different modes of operation.  The UserCode is the code for the user of the cabinet. By contrast, the MasterCode allows you to administer the UserCodes and switch between the pre-installed modes. Of course, it can be used also like a master key in the event of a user forgetting his code.