The innovative furniture lock for radio-controlled locking systems whose intelligence is second to none

AIR+ works without hierarchies. Access permissions can be provided individually (successively) and users can be adapted based on which person is to be granted access. The BeCode AIR+ therefore offers a level of flexibility that leaves mechanical locks looking extremely outdated

Ideal for radio-controlled locking systems with individual access permissions – for permanent or alternating usage

Keyless and radio-controlled: the BeCode AIR+ can be opened easily with a transponder, and handling is extremely simple.

The transponder unlocks the BeCode, just turn the handle 90° to the right - open. To lock it, simply turn the BeCode knob 90° anticlockwise – locked. It couldn’t be easier.

You choose the type of transponder to be used in line with your company’s requirements.

  • Credit card (Keycard)
  • Keyring
  • Wristband

“Keyless Intelligence”: Individual and company requirements can be implemented simply for the locking system. You decide who can open which furniture lock and when. You can provide different people with access or define different groups of people.

The BeCode AIR+ is suitable for use with cabinet systems with a permanent user, as well as for lockboxes with different users:

  • You can assign a specific cabinet to employees in offices, public authorities, institutions or banks. The employee receives a personalized transponder, which means they can open the cabinet – and nobody else.
  • Your employees work in teams? And the interior fittings match this organizational structure? Then assign an individual cabinet to multiple employees – so that each member of the team can open the cabinet.
  • Cabinet systems in sport studios, mobile offices, hospitals and public facilities above all benefit from the intelligence and flexibility of the BeCode. Individual visitors can choose any lockbox or even a preferred cabinet. And they can only open the BeCode AIR + with their keycard.

Safe, flexible, simply intelligent.

Convenient, easy management of the locking system via app – even if a transponder is lost

Permissions can be assigned, extended or removed using an app or via the traditional method with an admin card. This means you can always manage your locking system quickly and effectively, even if a transponder is lost. Simply delete the access permissions and encode a new transponder, problem solved.

We provide a special app, which enables you to manage your locking system conveniently. It is delivered preinstalled on a mobile device.

  • With the app, you can transfer access permissions to the lock in question via NFC.
  • An integrated import and export function allows you to exchange data between the app and an existing customer system or synchronize it.
  • Existing user profiles can be imported and simply transferred to the lock with the app.

Can be integrated into global radio communication environments – NFC guarantees a wide range of functions

AIR / AIR+ can be easily integrated into existing RFID environments or other radio communication environments – anywhere in the world. This is because the electronic furniture lock’s innovative design makes it compatible with virtually all standards. There’s just one requirement: the respective radio communication standard must work with 13.56 MHz.

The BeCode AIR+ can be integrated easily into various radio communication standards.

  • It can recognize them – even independently of one another. This means you are not restricted to a single standard.
  • The app or admin card can be used to program or deprogram the various standards in the transponders at the same time.
  • You can even link radio communication systems, which are implemented subsequently, with the BeCode AIR+ and thus continue using existing transponders (e.g. for building access) without any problems. The sub-standard itself is unimportant, as the keyless principle remains.

The BeCode AIR+ support near field communication (NFC) and therefore offer even more functions.

NFC is already integrated in most mobile end devices. This means smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers can also be used as transponders.

Near field communication is viewed as extremely safe due to the fact that transmissions take place over a short distance. This makes it virtually immune to spying violations.

Thanks to a timer function, NFC enables locks to be unlocked automatically at a specific time. This function is especially useful for regular cleaning or service work, as the employees do not need to open each individual lock themselves.

Software updates can be performed on installed products easily.

NFC simplifies communication with the furniture lock significantly: for example, you can retrieve details of previous access. This means you can determine at any time who was the last person to open the cabinet.

Large and complex locking systems with network functionality can automatically synchronize the data exchanged via NFC with the existing IT system.

This is what we understand with Innovation made by BeCode.


The design: outstanding!

The exterior of the BeCode AIR+ is simple with a timeless design: the functional form and discreet color match all common cabinet and lockbox materials. The design conforms to the innovative character and the optimized BeCode function, which was presented the interzum intelligent material & design award in 2013.

Completely customizable

The front ring of the AIR/AIR+ is silver-colored. Do you want a color that matches your corporate design? No problem, other colors are available at any time.

In addition, individual branding or company logos can be added to the front window of the cover.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to integrate into existing radio-controlled environments,
    such as ISO 15693, ISO 14443A, LEGIC, LEGIC advant, HID iCLASS
  • Simultaneously supports almost all RFID solutions in the
    13.56 MHz range, such as Mifare, HID, Tag-it, LEGIC and many more
  • 12,000 closing operations possible with one battery
    (approx.. 3-year service life)
  • Can be confi gured for a variety of user groups
  • Simple locking without transponder
  • Can be installed in wood and metal cabinets
  • Suitable for right- or left-handed use
  • Quick and easy operation / time saving
  • Wireless installation
  • No external programming devices required
  • Mobile hand-held device available for convenient and advanced
    administration and programming
  • Modes available for variable or permanent users
  • With integrated lever lock

You want to switch to an intelligent and flexible locking system or update an existing system? Do you have any questions regarding lock management?

Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to advise you on “Keyless Intelligence” without any obligation!