When it comes to intuitive operation and simple administration of a locking system, BeCode PAD is unbeatable. The PAD is perfectly suitable where durability is a concern and where a rugged locking system is essential, e.g., in schools, universities, train stations, airports, and supermarkets. PAD is simple to use – all it requires is a digital code. A key or transponder is not necessary.

Ideal for a rugged environment

PAD displays its true muscle especially in schools or universities. Children and young people like to experiment and to measure their strength. Locks on lockers have long been the preferred object of such challenges. However, the PAD has no edges or corners and offers no 'attacking zones' otherwise. PAD has broad protection against vandalism and has an exceptionally long service life. The efficient energy management makes PAD virtually maintenance-free. The system uses features that are beneficial in other environments as well, such as train stations, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, and other public buildings.

In the unlikely event that the PAD must be disassembled, it can be removed without damaging the cabinet or locker. Should, against all odds, a battery fail, Beloxx can provide you with a special adapter that supplies power to the battery from the outside. This way, the BeCode can be opened, and the battery can be replaced. That's it.

Logical design

The simple and timeless beauty of the PAD design is supported by its intuitive operation. Digits and symbols are self-explanatory and do not require a language or operating instructions. PAD offers a great advantage, especially for locking systems that are installed in public buildings, such as train stations, airports, or other national or international venues.

The standard BeCode PAD color is silver. The PAD is a secure locking system and at the same time – as all BeCode – visually impeccable. Even when installed in office furniture, conference rooms, corridors, or lobbies, the PAD is a visually attractive solution to protect cabinets and their contents from unauthorized access. Design and colors adapt themselves ideally to all furniture, whether they are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Logical in all its design.

Software other features

The BeCode PAD will always be supplied with the BeCode Standard Software that is pre-programmed based on your specific requirements. There are 3 operating modes available. These modes will provide you with the option to generate and manage codes for consistent users or those that change routinely. Depending on the demand and the situation.

For those customers who would like to utilize the BeCode PAD in a more complex and challenging environment, the PAD is also available in TANmode.