Furniture maker

People who build furniture focus on creating multipurpose products for end customers. Examples would be access control or the means of securing individual pieces of furniture, such as lockers or display cabinets. The fact that BeCode locking systems are so easily retrofitted is particularly helpful for furniture makers. Easily integrate a locking system into your existing catalogue or offer it as an optional add-on service.

Nowadays, it’s not that common for businesses to buy brand new lockers, probably because it is no longer as easy to write them off. Here too, the ease of retrofitting BeCode locking systems is an advantage that you can use to score bonus points. Simply offer this option as an interesting aftersales service – the additional value and easy subsequent installation will thrill your customers. No other electronic lock is as easy to retrofit.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to retrofit.
  • Ideal for steel furniture, glass doors and smaller wooden doors (BeCodes EVO+ and AIR+).
  • Locking system for lockers available as an optional add-on.
  • A good alternative to procuring new lockable furniture thanks to new and additional value.