EXPRESS - Storage Systems

The flexible distribution system

Laptops, production materials or medications must be securely locked away and protected against unauthorized access until they are collected by the recipient.

The solution: TANmode EXPRESS

  • Easy and fast deposit of important things using the EXPRESS app
  • The recipient will automatically receive an email/SMS, consisting of a locker number and pick-up code
  • Laborious and time-consuming checking for notification of the recipient is eliminated
  • No waiting times at the terminal thanks to direct assignment of lockers
  • No wiring, even small installations can be operated and easily expanded

Fast and flexible organization

The application TANmode Express can be used without expensive additional equipment, only a smartphone is needed. TANmode EXPRESS can be used with an app (available for IOS and Android) or via the web-based version. To check the access authorization, a log in using the access data stored in the TAN Cloud is required.

The operator selects an empty deposit box to use. This is done either by scanning the affixed QR code, or by direct selection on the website. For easy identification of free compartments, the LED on the locks flashes green at regular intervals.

After selecting the desired recipient, the operator receives a 2-digit opening code and deposits the corresponding items in the locker. The recipient automatically receives an SMS/email with his 4-digit access code (TAN) to open the cabinet and can pick up the goods at any time. By direct assignment of a deposit box and receiving the TAN, the recipient can pick up the content directly, without a laborious log-in procedure beforehand.

Recipient data is stored in the TAN Cloud database and periodically synchronized with the application.

Since the locks are operated wirelessly, cumbersome management via a central terminal is eliminated. Thus, even small installations can be operated and easily expanded. The cabinets are operated offline and are therefore protected against manipulation through the internet.