Function & Handling

How does the PAD work?

The PAD a compination lock, that does not need any key. The lock is opened by entering the correct code.

What makes it easier to handle it?

A quick and easy control without keys or transponders.

On what technology is it based on?

The PAD contains electronic equipment powered directly from a battery. These electronics evalute the input and unlock the PAD with a small motor.

In which direction does the lock open?

Currently the PAD will be offered for door hinged on the right.

Handling - Do I need any keys?

No, the PAD is operated solely only by entering a code.

Standardsoftware PAD

What is the fixed mode?

The standard setting for the PAD is the fixed Mode. This mode is especially designed for a quick and uncomplicated use and therefore lends itself as an ideal introduction in the use and handling of the PAD.
In this mode, the lenght of the codes (both UserCode and MasterCode) is fixed to 4 digits.
Thus, you can just reuse numbers of other devices such as card PINs and therefore, there is no need to remember additional code numbers.

What is the free mode?

The free Mode is especially designed for environments where users often change the cabinet.
The standard setting for the PAD in not closed so you can turn the handle and its open. To lock the lock you have to close the door,
enter your individual code and confirm with the check button. To open the lock you have to enter the same code. After this the lock is permanent open and is avialable for the next user.

Energy management

Are there batteries in the PAD?

Yes, there are up to 2 lithium battery of the typ CR123.

What is the battery life?

Due to the highly efficient energy management, developed by Beloxx, you can use the lock without batterychange up to 20 years (max. 1.000 closures per month).

What can I do when both battery are empty?

You can connect with a special "emergeny power adapter" and an external power supply - so you can handle the PAD even if the batteries are empty.

How do I replace the battery?

The battery case will be accessible when you open the battery cover on the backside.

Garantee / Material / Specs

How long does the PAD last?

Independent from the battery, the PAD is designed for 100.000 uses. Therefore, depending on the frequency of use, it can last several years to many decades.

How long is the guarantee?

We grant one year warranty.

How secure is the lock?

The security matches that of common cabinet locks. The PAD is not a vault-type lock and is not protected against vandalism. However, it is usually easier to break open a cabinet door than to manipulate or destroy the PAD. Additional security in comparsion with normal locks results from the fact that no keys are used, so they cannot be lost or stolen. Breakage of the key in the lock also cannot happe with the PAD.