Functions and operation

How does the BeCode work?

EVO/ EVO+ locking systems work entirely without keys and do not need a transponder. The locking mechanism will open only after a personal combination code has been entered.

How does it simplify life/ business?

Fast and simple operation, with no need for a key or transponder.

On what technology is it based on?

The BeCode contains an electronic, which works with a battery. This electronic system evaluates the input and unlocks the BeCode using a small motor.

In which direction does the lock open?

The BeCode can be used for cabinet doors that open to the left or the right.

Are keys no longer required at all?

No keys are required; entering a code will open the BeCode range.

What do I have to press?

Press on the front dial that was used previously to select the numbers for entering the code.

Why is the BeCode not reacting?

Probably the battery is empty and needs to be replaced.

The BeCode is flashing continuously and can no longer be operated – what do I have to do?

An incorrect code has been entered – the red LED flashes during this time. The BeCode can be operated again after 30 seconds.


What tools do I need to attach the BeCode?

A wood drill with 2 mm bit and a Phillips screwdriver (size PH1) for the BeCode EVO, furthermore the Drilling Template and Toolset, both available via Beloxx. For the BeCode EVO+ you’ll need suitable spanners (sizes 22 & 24) and for wooden doors additionally a hammer and the separately available Drive-in Sleeve and Tool.

Does anything inside the BeCode has to be assembled?

The BeCode is always delivered with the crown detached so that the battery can be inserted on the initial start. The BeCode EVO+ is supplied completely in one piece, while the EVO requires simple assembly due to the adapter solution. Installation instructions are available on this website.

How is the BeCode installed?

Installation instructions both for the BeCode Evo as for the EVO+ are available here on this website.

For what kind of cabinets are BeCode locks suitable?

BeCode locks can be used on all door materials; however, the BeCode EVO+ cannot be used with a material thickness of more than 19mm. The BeCode EVO in its basic configuration is designed for door thicknesses from 18mm to 22mm, which can be extended with further accessories.


Does the BeCode have a battery?

Yes, a 3V Lithium-Battery with the type designation CR 2450.

What happens when the battery is empty?

Then it must be replaced; to do this, a special tool is available from Beloxx, with which the BeCode can be opened.

How do I replace the battery?

Open the BeCode with the removal tool from the Tool Set, remove the crown with the translucent window and remove the battery lid; then replace the battery with a new one.

How long does the battery last?

Independent from the battery, the BeCode is designed for one hundred thousand uses.
Therefore, depending on the frequency of use, it can last 3 to 4 years.

The numeric code

How many numbers can be used for the code?

One to six numbers for the UserCode and three to ten for the MasterCode. In the default setting Easy Local User Mode, the code length is fixed to 4 digits.

How many numeric codes exist?

More than one million UserCodes and more than ten billion different MasterCodes.

What happens if I enter the wrong code?

After five unsuccessful attempts, the BeCode is blocked for 30 seconds; another entry cannot be made during this time. After this time, the code can be entered again.

What happens if I have forgotten the code?

The MasterCode can be used either open the BeCode EVO / EVO+ lock and/or to assign a new UserCode.

What happens if I have forgotten the MasterCode?

Without the MasterCode, the configuration cannot be changed and a new UserCode cannot be reassigned if this is also lost. Therefore, it is very important that the MasterCode be stored in a safe location.

What do I have to pay attention to before I use the BeCode EVO / EVO+ for the first time?

You should definitely change the User- and the MasterCode, since all new BeCodes EVO / EVO+ are supplied with the same User and and MasterCodes; therefore, these codes are common knowledge.

Is there a secret MasterCode or another opportunity to open the BeCode EVO / EVO+ without MasterCode?

No, if the MasterCode is lost, the lock can no longer be used, just as in the case for a normal key lock when all the keys are lost.

Can the BeCode be reset to the condition on delivery including the codes?

No, if this were the case, this could be used to manipulate the lock.

Can I send my BeCode EVO / EVO+ lock to be repaired if I have forgotten the MasterCode?

No, in order to maintain the integrity of security, if the MasterCode is lost then the lock will need to be replaced.

What will happen with the codes, if I take the battery out?

Even if the battery is empty, the codes will still be savely stored.

Guarantee / Material / Technical data:

How long does the BeCode last?

Independent from the battery, the BeCode is designed for one hundred thousand uses. Therefore, depending on the frequency of use, it can last 3 to 4 years.

What materials are used?

Zinc die-casting and various plastics.

What is the guarantee?

BeCode locks have a one-year guarantee.

How secure is the lock?

The security matches that of common cabinet locks. The BeCode is not a vault-type lock and is not protected against vandalism. However, it is usually easier to break open a cabinet door than to manipulate or destroy the BeCode. Additional security in comparison with normal locks results from the fact that no keys are used, so they cannot be lost or stolen. Breakage of the key in the lock also cannot happen with the BeCode.