Parcel stations in businesses: Five advantages for intralogistics

Beloxx: Parcel stations in businesses

E-commerce is booming, consumers are ordering more and more products online. Logistics providers are the ones benefiting because they deliver the goods to the recipient. As e-commerce grows, parcel services and forwarding agencies will be able to look forward to larger order volumes. In order to optimize the delivery process, they are now using parcel boxes of apartment buildings. This enables the driver to deliver without the recipient having to be there in person. We believe that this principle can also be beneficially implemented in companies. Especially the internal logistics stands to benefit from the five advantages of intelligent parcel stations presented in this article.

Unsuccessful delivery attempts, notifications in the mailbox, self pickup at the parcel shop or other cooperation partners – this has very little to do with convenience and intelligent logistics. Therefore, German parcel services are now implementing individual solutions. While the market leader DHL recently pressed ahead with their own parcel boxes, the competitors are starting to follow suit. Your advantage: The solution of Hermes, DPD and other parcel delivery agents is equally accessible to all providers and thus, open to all industries.

Why don’t we use intelligent software to support companies?

This is where TANmode made by BeCode comes in, but goes a big step further. We asked: Why don’t we use our intelligent software to optimize the internal logistics of larger enterprises and companies?

After all, there are enough problems:

  • inefficient storage technology
  • incomplete information
  • a lack of synchronization

This is where our idea comes in, because with TANmode and SELECT LiveBox we not only simplify the receipt of goods, but also the complete management of incoming deliveries. Just as the parcel service does for the private clients.

The situation in most companies or enterprises is as follows: Every day, various logistics service providers deliver parcels and deliveries for different recipients and departments at varying times throughout the day. Various, different, varying; these three words alone show that this process certainly requires individuality. However, the deliveries are still far from reaching their destination: An employee must take receipt of the goods and confirm delivery. Then the process of distribution begins - which is especially tedious if the company is distributed over multiple buildings. Either the employee calls the appropriate department or colleague and asks them to collect the parcel or the employee plays postman himself. This eats up valuable resources, time and costs – every single day.

Smart parcel stations – this is how you optimize internal logistics.

Both our TANmode as well as the above-mentioned solution of the parcel services are based on intelligence. Boldly stated: Only the intelligent software turns a "dumb" cabinet with limited functionality into a smart locker with service character.

Intelligent software solutions for internal package management provide the following five tangible benefits:

  1. The lockers function without keys.
    To open each locker, all you need is an automatically generated and securely transmitted 256-bit encrypted code (TAN). Only the previously defined recipient receives the number combination.

    Broken or lost keys, which represent a security risk and thus meant replacing the lock, are a thing of the past. This saves time, nerves and, in the medium term, costs.

  2. The management of the locking system is possible online as well as via mobile app and provides maximum individualization.
    The user-friendly interface of the management app allows individual adaptation of the locking system according to internal company specifications.

    Is a designated locker required for a specific department, for instance? No problem, all of the team members or only certain persons (as desired) will be texted the TAN to open the locker. If a member of the company leaves, access authorization can quickly and easily be withdrawn.

  3. The parcel delivery occurs without receipts. The software presents the delivery process seamlessly and facilitates the management of returns.
    The delivering postman does not have to search for a suitable recipient to personally hand over the consignment and have it signed for. He can simply go to the parcel station, scan in the consignment and securely deposit it in the locker. The recipient in question (or the previously defined group of recipients) receives a text notification including a TAN. Therefore, he is not disturbed by the delivery during an important task, in the middle of a telephone call or during a presentation and can he collect the goods whenever it is convenient for him.

    Even returns can be deposited at an intelligent in-house parcel station. The driver can open the corresponding locker by means of a code, and then scan in and collect the returns. The software informs everyone involved of the whereabouts and the shipping status.

    Receiptless delivery makes the delivery process so flexible that even nighttime deliveries are possible, for example. This allows companies to receive important deliveries that are needed early in the morning. An employee does not have to personally take delivery of the goods.

  4. The existing space of the locker system is optimally utilized. The delivery driver can freely choose the locker – depending on the shape and size of the consignment.
    The design of an intelligent parcel station takes various parcel formats and sizes into consideration.

    Continuing with the example of night delivery: If, for instance, the company has a workshop that services the carpool, then it is quite possible that the respective parcel service may not just have to deliver smaller parts such as screw sets or rubber hoses. Perhaps a windshield needs to be replaced in a vehicle? In this case, the delivery driver has the option to deposit the windshield in question in a higher locker. He can freely choose the locker.

    The company benefits because the available space in the locker system is optimally utilized and the delivered goods are always locked away safely.

  5. Companies that implement their own parcel station save time in the short term and conserve resources in the medium term.
    To summarize: The management is extremely simply and highly flexible. An employee does not have to be there in person for the delivery because delivery takes places without receipt. This saves a considerable amount of time.

    An employee doesn't have to be specially assigned to sign for the goods delivered by various parcel services. The software takes over the entire management. Consignees automatically receive the relevant access codes, the delivery agent does not have to look for a contact person. This saves on important resources. The intelligent parcel station handles the process autonomously.

Intelligent parcel stations in companies support the intralogistics in all important areas:

The delivered goods can always be adequately stored. They are securely locked away and protected from the elements. Businesses and delivery services receive seamlessly, real-time information about the whereabouts of the goods until the successful collection by the designated recipient.

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