AIR+ is the innovative BeCode for the radio-controlled locking systems. Its intelligence is second to none. Why? Because AIR+ operates without hierarchies. Since hierarchical functionality especially limits the options available in conventional mechanical locks, the cards (transponders) of the AIR+ can be adapted at random. Depending on which person shall be authorized to have access. And this without any hierarchies When using AIR+, all your operational requirements for a locking system can be converted 100%. Individualization beyond that level is impossible.

The principle of keyless access remains; however, its operation has been simplified even further.

Ideal for radio-controlled locking systems

AIR+ can be integrated easily into existing RFID or other radio-controlled environments. The "+" in AIR refers to the additional, integrated lock that fits any standard lock cutout.

The BeCode AIR+ can be easily installed in all standard locking systems, including new furniture, doors or lockboxes, and it is also suitable for the retrofit of existing locking systems.

Exceptional design

A difference in the external appearance of AIR+ and EVO/EVO+ is hardly noticeable. The simple and timeless design and subtle colors adapt themselves superbly to all materials used for the design of cabinets and lockboxes. The design conforms to the innovative character and the optimized BeCode function. In 2013, BeCode was presented the interzum award: intelligent material & design. This tells its own tale.

By default, the front ring of the AIR+ are silver-colored. At the customer's request, other colors are of course available. In addition, individual branding or company logos can be added to the front window of the cover. Simply ask for the appropriate printable sticker.

Technology simplified

The simple handling of the BeCodes AIR+ makes it ingenious. Simply hold the card, that is to say, the transponder in front of the AIR+. Then, turn the BeCode 90° clockwise – it opens! When closing the cabinet, turn the BeCode 90° anticlockwise, to the left – it locks! What could be easier than that? And when it comes to its administration, it is blindingly easy.

AIR+ provides you with the option to grant access to various personnel or authorize a number of different user groups. Use one or several Admin Cards to provide authorizations, change or expand these authorizations, or cancel them without any difficulty. Even if a card is lost, the response can be immediate and effective. That's technology simplified.

Innovation and integration

Currently, the AIR+ is a one-of-a-kind locking system in its class and can be integrated into virtually all relevant radio-control standards worldwide. The use of the different standards can be set on the BeCode itself. Similar to mobile communication in the RFID environment, there are different standards available. Due to its innovative concept, the AIR+ is compatible with almost all standards. This maximizes its options considerably and, with that, increases its potential.

However, amongst other things, the BeCode AIR+ can be integrated into a variety of radio standards. The system recognizes these standards independent of each other. Thus, the user does not have to make a commitment regarding a single standard. When using the Admin Card, keycards of various standards can be programmed or deprogrammed simultaneously. Even radio-controlled systems that are added subsequently can be easily linked with the BeCode AIR+. This is how integrative innovation can be.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to integrate into existing radio-controlled environment
  • The following versions are available in ISO 15693, ISO 14443A, Legic RF-Standard, Legic-RF; HID Iclass
  • This makes it compatible with all current RFID standards such as Legic, Mifare, HID, Tagit and many more
  • Supports almost all RFID solutions in the 13.56 MHz range
  • Easy to combine with existing RFID systems and RFID transponders
  • 12,000 closing operations with one battery possible
  • May be configured for the application by a variety of user groups
  • Simple locking without transponder
  • Integrated lock
  • Installation into cabinets made of wood or metal
  • Retrofitting into existing furniture possible
  • Suitable for right- or left-handed use
  • Quick and simple operation/time saving
  • Three-level system for user/administration
  • Up to 512 users for a single BeCode AIR+
  • Wireless installation
  • Exterior design identical or similar to BeCode EVO/EVO+
  • No external programming devices require