Architects and planners

People who design and construct buildings need solutions that convince customers in terms of topicality, utility and cost effectiveness. BeCode keyless, transponderless and radio-operated locking systems offer all of this.

Today, locking systems are used in public buildings as often as they are in commercial buildings. BeCode systems stand out through their ease of use, particularly in complex locking systems. BeCodes from BeCode deliver the right solution for any situation and any application: where users are always the same or change on a daily basis; keyless, transponderless or radio-operated; demanding or rugged environments.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Simple to use in complex locking systems
  • Keyless and transponderless locking systems for individual situations, or
  • Radio-operated locking systems compatible with almost all RFID and other radio systems (time recording, access control, etc.) It’s easy to add new functions to existing cards (transponders)
  • Coding and administration of large-scale cabinet and locker systems can be automated using specially designed software (TANmode).
  • Software can be individually configured to meet all needs (TANmode).
  • Ideal for companies with permanently allocated workstations or hot desk environments.
  • Perfect for companies and public institutions such as hospitals, schools, public administrations, sports clubs, swimming pools, museums, courts, etc.