BeCode AIR with Antimicrobial Coating

We developed the BeCode AIR+ high quality chrome metal crown
with an antimicrobial coating reducing the reproduction
of dangerous germs between cleaning cycles.

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BeCode AIR

RFID Locking - Opening a secure
lock has never been easier.

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BeCode miniPAD

The logical enhancement of
the popular PAD keypad lock.

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The intelligent solution for
your package administration

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BeCode PAD

Perfect for robust environments.

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For those who are planning locking systems, install, upgrade and use. Can be so easy closing.

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Sensible solutions and individual locking systems for every situation. So intelligent innovation can be.

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Innovative functions, logical design, intuitive application that economic benefits. Can be this beautiful art.

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More information for users and those who want to be there. Or give us a call.

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